The ultimate exercise prescription software
The ultimate exercise prescription software

Seamless real-time updates on every device

Seamless real-time updates on every device


The ultimate exercise prescription software

Available on every device

  • Flexible

    Whatever device, wherever you are. If you have Windows in the clinic, iPads on the Gym floor and an Android Tablet at home, Rehab Guru will ensure all your programs, templates, settings and clients sync over all your devices in real-time.

  • Web App vs Native App

    We offer native Apps for Android and iOS (Windows OS is coming soon!) and a Web App alternative accessible from Desktop or mobile to ensure you are connected regardless of your hardware choices.

  • Real-Time Sync

    Real-time syncing means that the same data is available on all devices at the same time. Imagine starting in the clinic with your client. You enter their details on the desktop computer. You then move onto the gym floor with your tablet and all the data will be there for you - magic!

  • Future Proof

    Because we use the latest cloud technology to store and sync your data, your templates, clients and programs are completely safe. And, if you switch to a new device, everything moves with you.






Search Tags

Your business, your style

  • How it Works

    Our off-the-shelf exercise prescription solution lets you brand client programs with your logo. It gives your practice a professional image and improves your professional visibility.

  • More Than Just Your Logo

    Rather than just adding your logo to our programs, you can tailor your programs’ colour, font and image size to make it truly fit within your brand guidelines. The programs you prescribe will be an extension of your business.

  • Does it Cost?

    To take advantage of branded programs, you must be a Rehab Guru Pro Member. For £10 per month, you get and an unlimited number of custom programs, client templates and favourites.

  • Simplicity

    Within Account Settings, you can easily tailor your custom design. If you can’t get it to look right, just give us a call. We have a team of technical experts that can assist in making everything look and work perfectly.

Rehab Guru instant search

It's like Google, for exercises

  • Instant Search

    As you type, you’ll be delivered results in less than 99ms (on average). We use a cutting edge indexing system to allow us to give you relevant results instantly. You can combine keywords in any order to perform wildcard searches.

  • Filtering

    Filtering gives search, even more power. By adding filters to your search, you can narrow your search by; Equipment, Body Part, Movement Type, Difficulty, Joint or Exercise Aim. You’ll only be given the results you want, saving you time.

  • Typos

    Our intelligent search even caters for spelling mistakes and typos. This ensures that you don’t waste time re-typing exercise names to get the results you want.

  • Metadata

    Around the world, exercises are called many different names. To get around this, we have named our exercises logically by their movement (e.g. Abduction, Extension) Exercise Type and Equipment. However, this still doesn’t separate the ‘Split Squat’ from the ‘Bulgarian Squat’. That's where our search Tags come in. We have added over 48,000 additional names, tags and metadata to our exercises to ensure you are never disappointed with the results.

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